Friday, March 28, 2008

Here's some brief meaning of my title "Broad Minded"

adjective (comparative broad·er, superlative broad·est)
1. wide: large from one side to the other
  • a broad forehead
  • six inches broad
  • 2. large and spacious: extending a great distance in all directions
  • the broad steppes
  • 3. measured across: measured from side to side
  • as broad as it is long
  • 4. full and clear: full and clear to see
  • a broad grin
  • broad daylight
  • 5. covering wide range: comprehensive in content, knowledge, experience, ability, or application
  • She has very broad interests.
  • 6. not detailed: general and lacking detail
  • I'll give you a broad outline of the project.
  • 7. widespread or generalized: widespread or generalized throughout a large and diverse group of people
  • a broad feeling of disillusionment in the party
  • 8. obvious: meant to be easily understood
  • dropping broad hints about their plans
  • 9. unobstructed: with nothing blocking the way
  • in broad view
  • 10. tolerant: tending to tolerate or accept the ideas and conduct of other people, even when these are very different from your own
  • I think I have fairly broad views on the whole.
  • 11. potentially offensive: potentially offensive to accepted standards of propriety
  • broad humor
  • 12. phonetics strongly regional: describes a regional accent that is very strong or pronounced
    13. phonetics showing only main differences: describes a phonetic transcription that gives only major differences
    14. phonetics pronounced with tongue down: describes a vowel pronounced with the tongue low and flat and the mouth open wide
    noun (plural broads)
    1. wide part: the wide part of something
  • He slapped Jack across the broad of his back.
  • 2. offensive term: an offensive term for a woman (slang)

    completely: to the fullest extent
    [ Old English brād < Germanic]
    -broad·ness, noun


    mind·ed [mndəd]

    inclined: inclined to do a particular thing or act in a particular way

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